It is very understandable when you or a loved one has been injured by a medical error or by the carelessness of another person, there will be anger for the injury or loss. This is human nature and expected; these feelings do exist and may never go away. Feelings of anger and loss are normal, reasonable, and expected. Furthermore, a demand for “justice”, as a result of this suffering is also understood. Unfortunately, lawsuits do not bring "justice" in a sense of righting a wrong or punishing a person for some harm they have caused, nor does it change the emotions of anger or loss. A lawsuit, certainly will not eliminate the injury. Therefore, before a lawsuit is started, one should have an understanding of the realistic expectations a lawsuit may accomplish.

The idea of pursing and obtaining "justice", is solidly grounded in the theory of compensation for injury or loss. Compensation may mean many things to many people, but in personal injury/medical malpractice law, compensation rarely means anything other than money. In other words, the "justice" you might obtain, will only be a monetary award for the injury caused by another person. Money is the only thing that can compensate a person for injuries. There is nothing else that a personal injury/medical malpractice lawsuit will accomplish. A doctor will not lose his/her medical license, a doctor or hospital will not admit responsibility, a hospital will not change its policies or procedures in an effort to prevent the same event from occurring. If your expectations are more than monetary compensation, then please reconsider the motive.

A lawsuit will also cause more grief, anger and anxiety. You will need to relive the events and discuss the injuries. You may have to be examined by physician selected by the defendants. A lawsuit will also take a long time; an average time is 3-5 years, from the moment the lawsuit is filed to completion, is typical. In fact, this long and delayed time element is what many people have difficulty accepting. This time problem is acceptable for an attorney, we do it daily. However, it is hard for the injured to accept that time, for them, moves very slowly. Very rarely, will any settlement occur "out of court". Ultimately, compensation will only be for medical bills, lost and future income, future medical bills and the nebulous element, “pain and suffering”. These compensible elements are what are called damages. This last element, pain and suffering, is what is considered a non-economic damage and is difficult to quantify. However, we can help in this evaluation by considering all factors involved in your case, by looking at our past results, and those of others. This will start to give an understanding of potential values. Finally, in some circumstances, there are limitations on damages that have been established by the state legislature.

The emotional healing process from an injury will be helped by reconsidering these expectations.

What you can expect from this firm are answers to what happened and why. This is not to suggest a defendant will change, but you will learn why things happened and how. Seeking these answers is frequently a reason people start the process of litigation, because they don’t know why an injury occurred. With this firm you can expect to get these answers and, if successful, also obtain financial compensation.

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