Our Philosophy of Practice

Different law firms operate with different philosophies. Retaining an attorney for a serious legal matter means entering a relationship in which you place your future in the attorney's hands. Before doing so, it's wise to understand whether the attorney operates in a way that conforms to your needs and expectations.

The practice philosophy of my office can be summed up in a few straightforward precepts:

Quality Over Quantity

Some law firms make money by accepting as many cases as possible. We practice differently. By deliberately limiting our caseload, we truly focus on the details of each case. This also gives us time to respond to the needs and concerns of each client. We accept those cases that have a good likelihood of success and thus are able to prepare them with the attention to detail that will achieve the best possible outcome. My philosophy is, "The best lawyer in the courtroom is the best prepared one; the best client is the one that understands his or her case, its limitations and strengths."

Educating clients and juries

Much of the practice of law is about teaching. Clients who have suffered a serious injury want answers. Unfortunately, they must turn to an attorney for help only after they've been frustrated in their efforts to get answers elsewhere. We ensure clients get the answers they need about their injury and the legal process. Unfortunately, however, not every injury qualifies for legal redress. When you consult our office, regardless of whether you retain my firm or not, you will understand what happened to you. If legal action is your next--or best--option, we will work through it together. When legal action is called for, we will prepare you for the road to come, and empower you through information.

I enjoy and also excel at educating juries. Whether in a a personal injury case or medical malpractice case, jury members want to do what's right. They want to understand the evidence on which they will base their decisions so they can reach the right conclusions. I have learned to explain cases in such a way that juries feel they have the information and the understanding of what they need to decide in my clients' favor.

Personal service and attention

Any attorney will tell you that results are important, and they are. I do have a track record of successful outcomes. What many attorneys don't talk about is the difficult process of pursuing a successful outcome. Trials, and the intensive preparation leading up to them, can be tremendously stressful for all concerned. However, a trial may not be the best strategy for you; if that's so, I'll tell you why. Ultimately, it is your decision as to what course to pursue. In serious personal injury cases clients have many anxieties and questions. I believe that supporting them through their anxiety, answering their questions in their call for justice, and doing this at every step of the legal process, is an essential part of our work.

James E. Foerstner, Attorney at Law represents clients in the Philadelphia area and throughout Pennsylvania. We invite you to explore the website to learn more about Jim Foerstner, the firm, or our practice areas, or to contact the firm at (215) 309-4710 or via our online form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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